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 What we offer just originate clients' business problems and puzzles.

 What we deserve just be decided by you choosing us. 

 We devote to make your business more smooth, more simple and more valuble.

Grace Liu, CEO

Solution & Action

Whatever you confront with any puzzle in your process of starup or business operation. Borun will analyze your problem deeply, our powerful and professional team can design a whole-chain solution for resolving your problem. Not only we write down something to you, if you need, we are able to match an action team that guarantee this solution implement.

China-Canada business

Borun takes up extraordinary competitiveness on connecting business relationship between two countries. Explore and help Chinese investor enter in Canada for their business promotion. Encourage Canadian entrepreneurs to expand Chinese domestic market. We provide Canada local potential cooperation resources, help clients smoothly open the new business life in Canada. All of these stand on our proficient team and serious work process.

Financing Support

Borun Global focus on startup key problem, such as financing difficulties, we have enough capital channels and resource to help them. Borun is skilled at help client finish a better financing plan. We also start organizing an angle fund for high-tech incubation.

Market Promotion

Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and implement it;Identify both online and offline activities to broaden your reach;Understand your customers so you can market to them more effectively;Learn how to measure the success of your activities, as well as their return on investment

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Startup Service

Borun is a unique startup service plat. We collect holistic resources for every business pioneer, meanwhile we supply professional training and consulting at startup field. We bring together educators, researchers, social scientists, entrepreneurs and business experts under one roof. We can make your startup process more efficient and cut off your high cost.

Strategy & Organization

Borun's superior capabilities have helped many clients, especially small business client. We believe in whatever a big or mini business, they all need build a basic long-term and short-term strategies. Borun is good at delivering winning strategies in every industies.We work collaboratively, build lasting capabilities into your team and help your organization mobilize for change.

Exclusive M&A Opportunities

Borun Global masters many exclusive M&A target projects. When conducting M&A, speed, security and accuracy are paramount. Borun Global offers a comprehensive suite of services that assures a successful process, end-to-end. Borun Global gets you up and running within hours, enabling you to conduct due diligence more effectively and more securely.

Financing Media Cooperation

Due to Borun Global's client branding promotion demand, we produce TV, radio, financial website video and else style of media AD program. We also generate professional and academic financial comments online program by closing relationship with mainstream public media.

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