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Borun Global Corporation (“BORUN Global”) is subsidiary corporation of 

Zhong Qi Bo Run Management Co. Ltd. ( the “BORUN GROUP”).

This group is an investment and management consulting group owned and operated by Meng Du as a business corporation in  China from its principal office and place of business in Beijing,China.

In June, 2017, the Board of Directors of the BORUN GROUP authorized the expansion of its business to Canada by directing the opening of a Canadian branch office in St. Catharines,

Ontario, Canada. The BORUN GROUP intends to carry on business in the Toronto Office through a recently incorporated wholly owned Canadian subsidiary corporation.

BORUN CANADA’s goal is to provide management consulting and investment and financial advisory services and startups training to clients in Canada and elsewhere

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A New Of Future.

Our Business 

Borun Global business in Canada


1.   Providing consulting service to Chinese enterprises that want to invest and do business in Canada

  • On the basic of strong cooperation resources on CECU( China Enterprise Capital Union) invested by Beijing head company, we organizing Chinese entrepreneurs to visit Canada for observing business environment. And we supply them more opportunities to run their new business.

  • We can help Chinese investors find satisfied and qualified business projects.

2.   Provide market activities and expo service to Chines enterprise in Canada

  • Hold China-Canada commercial and Hi- Tech summit every year.

  • Invite well-known and professional scholar and entrepreneurs to do speech and share fresh idea.

3.   Serving Canadian hi-tech companies to expand China market

  • Generating market consulting report to Canadian hi- tech companies who plan to enter China

  • Organizing Canadian companies visit China

4.   Help more Chinese young entrepreneur get opportunities to study and startup in Canada.

  • Popularizing Canada advantage on encouraging hi- tech startup. Provide Chinese hi-tech entrepreneurs start-up training service

  • Recommend qualified Chinese students continue their studying in Canada.

China-Canada business

Borun takes up extraordinary competitiveness on connecting business relationship between two countries. Explore and help Chinese investor enter in Canada for their business promotion. Encourage Canadian entrepreneurs to expand Chinese domestic market. We provide Canada local potential cooperation resources, help clients smoothly open the new business life in Canada. All of these stand on our proficient team and serious work process.

Market Promotion by Expo

Develop a comprehensive expo or summit strategy and implement it;Identify both online and offline activities to broaden your reach;Understand your customers so you can market to them more effectively.

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Startup Service

Borun is a unique startup service plat. We collect holistic resources for every business pioneer, meanwhile we supply professional training and consulting at startup field. We bring together educators, researchers, social scientists, entrepreneurs and business experts under one roof. We can make your startup process more efficient and cut off your high cost.

Exclusive High-Tech M&A Opportunities

Borun Global masters many exclusive M&A target projects. When conducting M&A, speed, security and accuracy are paramount. Borun Global offers a comprehensive suite of services that assures a successful process, end-to-end. Borun Global gets you up and running within hours, enabling you to conduct due diligence more effectively and more securely.

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Founding Team

Meng  Du

Chairman of Zhong Qi Bo Run Group

Ph.D, Economics; Over 20 years focus on business and capital management;

Grace(Yan)  Liu


Ph.D, Management, Peking University

Vice president in Beijing head company(Zhong Qi). Over 9 years industry consulting experience; Proficient in startup consulting and China-Canada business;High repute in China Economics and Financial domain. 

Kenneth F. Dyer

Chief Director

Ken has an extensive career as a commercial and industrial land developer and as a management consultant to small business

Mageret Han

Vice president

Ph.D,Economics, University of Toronto

Over 5 years focus commercial branding and marketing

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